From the beginning of mankind, tests of strength have been forged between men. To assert your dominance over another would put you ahead in your tribe, impress the women around you, and assure your ability to find a mate and reproduce. There’s a reason for the quote, “Only The Strong Survive!” Although in 2016 society has changed drastically from the old days, one thing remains true… Men love to compete with each other.

One of the classic feats of strength between two men is arm wrestling. It’s not only shows off your power, you also need good form and technique to be great. It’s also incredibly dangerous in many instances. One of America’s favorite southern comics, Larry The Cable Guy, proved that when he went head-to-head with a fan at a Nebraska-Illinois college football game.

What starts out as a harmless arm wrestling match quickly turns gruesome as the fans arm gives out midway through the match. From a little bit of fun to a broken arm, this is one brutal video. Check out the video below, if you dare!

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