Jimmy Fallon has proven over the past two and a half years that he was more than fit to take over as The Tonight Show host. He took the show made popular by Johnny Carson and Jay Leno over in 2014 and made it his own. With running gags, game show antics, and musical numbers, his Saturday Night Live background has done him well in this role. But what truly makes it special is his use of his guests.

Back in May of this year (2016) Jimmy brought country music star Blake Shelton on the show and made him try something he had never done before… Sushi. Things didn’t go as pleasant as Shelton had hoped, but it all worked out for the sake of comic relief.

Poor Blake!

Now, Blake gets to exact a little revenge on the Tonight Show host the old country way. He brought Jimmy out to the farm to teach him why a city boy should never mess with his country brothers. The entire event is hilarious, and Fallon is sure to think twice before his next sketch with Blake!

Sweet, Sweet Revenge!

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