It’s really no surprise that Blake Shelton is a kind natured person. After all, he is from the South, and carries those roots around with him! When it comes to caring for others, he always backs up and pushes for his team on The Voice, treats his gorgeous girlfriend Gwen Stefani like the musical queen she is and donated more than half a million dollars to charity last year!

This is a dude who loves to see people thrive. While performing at the Savemart Centre in Fresno, California, Shelton was performing when he noticed that a man in the front row had gotten down on one knee. He quickly paused the show to find out what was happening.

“Are you gonna ask her — are you asking her to marry you?” Blake asked loudly with excitement.

Robbie furiously nodded, continued with his proposal and when he received a resounding YES from his now fiancé Shianne, Blake Shelton rejoiced along with them.

“Congratulations! I gotta do a song for you guys. Robbie and Shianne, they just got engaged right here in front of me!” he shared with the crowd.

Click ahead to see the epic video of it go down!

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