The music industry took a huge loss with the news that Chuck Berry passed away this last weekend. The beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and musician quietly slipped to the other side at the age of 90. The character and talent that left with him will have us craving those indelible guitar licks and that brash self-confidence, but luckily he left us with countless memorable songs about cars, girls and wild dance parties to keep our spirits high.

Berry’s influence on rock music is undeniable, but his impact also spanned into the country music genre. Just as Elvis Presley was rock’s first pop star and teenage heartthrob, Berry used the twang of country and the bite of the blues to become his own Rock ‘N Roll icon.

It then only makes sense that Brad Paisley would honor him while at the Runaway Country Festival in Kissimmee, Fla., where he had a photo of Berry blown up behind him as he covered the classic 1958 rock hit “Johnny B. Goode.”


Click ahead to hear the cover!

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