It’s happened to quite a few people over the years, and it’s really easy to blame on too many drinks. You’re out at a bar with friends, you’ve had a few beers, a couple of shots of whiskey, and reconnect with an old flame. All of the memories that explain why your love affair ended in the first place disappear, and all that’s left is that feeling you remember so vividly. Again, you can blame it on the alcohol, but we all know the truth.

Eyes Don’t Lie…


The Josh Abbott Band and Carly Pearce wrote a song for all of those people out there called “Wasn’t That Drunk,” and they aren’t pulling any punches with this one. It’s all so true, it’s all so possible, and this is what makes music special… It’s all so real.

Check out the video below, and catch that feeling again. Even if it’s only for tonight!

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