Many artists work as hard as possible to break into the country music industry and dream of the day they’re handed that gorgeous trophy for their work. Few are chosen and only a handful are nominated. Of course, those nominated for an award but didn’t win are still worthy of a lot of celebration!

It usually takes years of hard work, dedication and navigation through the industry before you’re recognized for your talents. And usually, the hard work is shared between you and your team.

When it came to the ACM Songwriter of the Year award, two friends and co-writers Lori McKenna and Hillary Lindsey were up against each other for the title. While Lori was the name announced and the person who accepted the award, she later shared that she actually plans to share it with her long-time co-writing parter, Hillary.

“I did think it was Hillary’s award,” Lori told One Country. “I really did. I’m going to leave it at her house. We’re going to share it because we’re a team.”


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