Men aren’t typically the ones to offer up compliments to their buddies unless it’s very well deserved. Men are much more willing to make fun of each other before they offer up flattering comments and high praise. Just watch Blake Shelton And Luke Bryan in this promo video for The Voice when they were asked to give each other compliments but they take it way too far to prove that men find giving flattery to other men… extremely awkward!

The two rockstars are luckily very close friends, so getting this silly isn’t a big deal for the duo! Luke does seem to be the one who finds it the most uncomfortable, which Blake of course feeds off of and so he continues to push his limits.

Blake Shelton: Pretty eyes.
Luke Bryan: You like my pretty eyes? Your eyes are prettier than mine.
BS: Extremely white teeth.
LB: I like your white beard.
BS: Your butt looks good in your jeans always.
LB: [Winks] I like your throwback boots.

The compliments then became backhanded, as men will do to tease each other!

BS: I like your fake Georgia accent.
LB: I like the ladybugs on your arm.
BS: I love the fact that you act like you don’t care but you really do care.

Shelton, trying to push the limits on his friends comfort zone, started getting a little weird as Luke tried to keep his cool.

BS: I like your muscles. I like your summer body.
LB: I like your little belly.
BS: You do? It’s annual. It’s year ’round.
LB: I like your life.
BS: I like your 5 o’clock beard shadow.
LB: You can keep going can’t you?
BS: Your wife’s hot.
LB: I’m cool with him looking at my wife.

“This can never air, by the way” said Luke Bryan.


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