Miranda Lambert spent some time sitting with The Bobby Bones Show where she talked music, fashion… and how she sneaks in her orders low key when hitting up the famous coffee chain. Why anyone would have to even ask her name because she’s so recognizable is baffling! But when they do, she never gives her real first name.

Instead, she goes with an alter ego she won’t disclose, but I’m sure will go viral once a barista picks up on her tricks. Luckily, Miranda did disclose her old alter ego name to the interviewers.

“It used to be Tara Dactyl,” she told Bobby Bones. “I had to change it because people figured it out. I used to be a Tara Dactyl, that was my alter ego when I would get a little too much whiskey,” she continued. “Now I’ve changed my dinosaur to T-ran. See what I did there?”

She also spills which country artist she still gets star struck by whenever she sees them! Check out all the interviews on the next page.

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