Life is a series of events that are often out of our control, but it’s how we react to these situations that defines who we are. We all knew southern sweetheart Miranda Lambert had a huge heart, but when a fan fainted at her concert, she didn’t even think twice to stop her performance and put the health of her fan first.

“Is anybody coming to help this woman?” she said from the stage about a female fan who seemingly passed out. “We’ve got a bunch of dudes, just pick her up and move her.”

Without thinking twice, Miranda paused her show in Pennsylvania because she realized nobody was taking a stand to help the poor young woman who was suffering from what looked like too much of a good time!

The thrill of seeing your favorite artists can be overwhelming, but when it comes to dancing and singing along, Miranda knows better than anyone that it can be physically too much at times!

After a moment she added, “She needs some air, people. She needs some air.”

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