Every once and a while, when you’re truly struggling and are an honest hard working person, karma will work in your favor. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a server or a janitor- luck can strike at any time if you’re worthy of it. That’s the premise of the billion dollar industry of the lottery, right?

Take this man for example, Jeff Louis, a 22 year old recovering addict from Ohio truly trying to do better for himself, was asked to come in early to the Italian restaurant because Life Point Church had put in a large order. Without complaining or being frustrated over his change of schedule, Jeff happily came in to deliver the several pizza’s that were ordered. With a smile on his face, Jeff showed up with his stack and even obliged when given the unusual request to bring one up to the stage to deliver to the pastor personally!

While up on stage, the pastor accepted the pizzas and in exchange, in front of the entire congregation, gave Jeff a shockingly large tip of $100, which quickly accumulated to a whopping total of $700 after others in the congregation chipped in further. They had no idea just how much he needed the help at the time.

Click ahead to see Jeff’s touching account of what happened!

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