According to USA News Flash, fans of music legend Willie Nelson are praying for him after they say multiple reports have flooded in claiming  he is in “very bad shape”. Pray that it may not be something extremely serious, and simply is just his health deteriorating and he has to go at a different pace on stage now for his age. Although, fans reported that at the last concert, Willie Nelson looked very disoriented and lost and even had to stop the concert briefly.

Wide Open Country also reported about how Willie Nelson had interrupted his concert this past Saturday April 22nd for unknown reasons. Comments about his condition were everyone on twitter from fans who attended the concert in New Braunfels, Texas who also claimed Nelson looked very disoriented. Fortunately, Nelson came back after a brief break as if nothing happened and continued on with his concert and completed the show having performed all his greatest hits.

A fan in the audience for the show, Brandon Meyer, is also a blogger and wrote an article for GuideLive, explaining what really happened to Nelson at the concert.

Click ahead to see the video and his article.

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