Weddings are without a doubt one of the biggest events in one’s life. The commitment, the unity and the growth of your family tree is a big deal to more than just the bride and groom. It changes the dynamic of your entire family!

That’s why wedding logistics can be so complicated. Often times families of the bride and groom aren’t from the same town, state or even country! Nobody ever wants to miss out on the big occasion because of scheduling or poor financing, but sometimes life deals you a card that can be more of a challenge than just those reasons.

For Thomas Martone and his fiancée, the challenge was figuring out how to include Tom’s father in the ceremony even though Doctors said he didn’t have much longer to live due to the severity of his liver cancer.

Tom, like most loyal sons and daughters, did everything he could to make sure his dad saw him on his wedding day, even if it meant having the ceremony right in front of his hospital bed.


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