There’s nothing like the twang of country music to remind you that you aren’t alone. Does anyone do broken hearts better than country artists? The answer is a resounding NO! If you need the proof, we have it all here for you.

There’s something that truly makes country break-up songs so beautiful. The old saying “revenge is a dish best served cold” applies perfectly here. When it comes to country music, the calculated and spiritual process of forming a musical response to your feelings is ultimately more satisfying than any spiteful revenge seeking.

As our favorite artists heal their pain through their music, they also take us with them and resonate with our souls while we listen. Participating in this cathartic artistic experience just by listening is the best way to heal a broken heart.

Don’t believe us? Faith Hill, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw and countless others are here to prove you wrong! Check out these top country break-up songs below to pull yourself through your heartache.

1. Joe Nichols – Brokenheartsville

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