There are some country stars destined for greatness, others should be destined for the Country Music Hall Of Fame… But haven’t quite made it yet! The following have a long standing history of making phenomenal music, performing stand-out shows and even collected so many awards they couldn’t hold them all at the same time if they tried.

Below is a list of those who deserve to be next up! See if you agree…

1. Clint Black

Clint Black┬ábecame a known name on the radio back in 1989 with his debut album, Killin’ Time. You know an album hit a home run when it┬áproduces five consecutive No. 1 singles which is a total anomaly in the country music world!

Up until 2007, Black insisted on writing all of his own songs which definitely worked in his favor. He racked up 22 singles that reached the top of the Billboard country charts.

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