For every mother who received a lavish gift on mothers day, there’s another mom fuming over the ridiculousness of their “gift”. The whole day is dedicated to spoiling and pampering Mom, but some people just don’t take it seriously enough…

See for yourself in this gallery of some of the worst gifts Moms have ever gotten, below!

1. What A Wonderful Gift

“My husband gave his mother a toilet plunger. Which is weird because he is excellent at giving gifts to me! I now shop for all gifts on his side of the family.”

2. Well, This Is Horrific…

“Gave my mom a paper–mache pencil-holder in kindergarten. It was a blob of newspaper. I made the holes for the pencils by stabbing it repeatedly with a pencil. When the blob dried, all the holes shrunk so no pencils would actually fit.

“She still has it over three decades later.”

3. And This Isn’t Much Better!

“I had made a yellow mug with a smile face on it in art class (yellow is her favorite color and I wasn’t terribly creative in the clay portion of art).

“I accidentally made my mother a demonic yellow mug. It even scared me.

“We agreed to just keep it in the back of the cabinet, where the thought was appreciated, but no one had to see the thing.”

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