Designers have access to all kinds of technology, research and feedback that they didn’t have the ability to utilize until recently. Whether it’s to improve an experience or make a process more efficient, these designers came up with some good ideas!

In fact, they’ll leave you wondering “Why don’t WE have that anywhere local??”…

Sometimes America is stuck in it’s ways, but you have to admit having these little design improvements at Walmart and fast food chains would be really cool.

1. Rossmann Is Only In Germany

A magnifying glass with each cart… to assist customers who need help reading important labels.

2. Don’t Know How To Use Chopsticks? No Problem

Why pollute the environment with THREE pieces of waste (the plastic fork and wooden chopsticks) when you can minimize it with this singular chopstick-fork invention? Brilliant!

3. Every Avocado Company Should Do This… Why Haven’t They?!

Who knew a little colored sticker could be so informative?

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