Every mom dreams of the day their daughter goes to their first prom and gets to help their little girl get dolled up for the occasion. Moms remember the excitement and rush of adrenaline the formal occasion creates and without a doubt will want to help them make it perfect.

The tough part? Prom dresses are an expense with a hefty price tag and not much use or wear. The leading online Prom Dress retailer has said that in 2017, the costs of prom can total over $2000. How can you make a night to remember special if you’re on a tighter budget? Love and creativity!

For these girls below, having their special night was also about making it special for their mothers who helped them finesse the finer details of the event. This bond and desire to make their mom’s proud led them to the idea that they should go ahead and wear a dress they already have and know would mean the world to their mother… wearing their vintage prom dress!

Most families know where to find these garments- in a box in the basement! By reaching for your mom’s vintage gown, you’re bringing chic retro styles back to life as well as saving your family hundreds of dollars.

A high school senior named Ally Johnson from Hilliard, Ohio, went ahead with this idea and got some amazing feedback from sporting her mom’s ’95 vintage gown.

“People were shocked, they didn’t think that could have been my mom’s senior prom dress,” she told TODAY Style. “It’s a vintage, old Hollywood look.”

Check out the girls below rocking their prom in their moms’ old threads!

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3. Timeless Style

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