When YouTuber Dusan Vinžík was mountain biking in the woods with his buddy, he was shocked when he realized an aggressive looking bear appeared and began chasing his friend. All of this happened in Malinô Brdo, Slovakia where brown bears are common, but this behavior sure isn’t! While bears are not known to be friendly and can be deadly, they are rarely this engaged in attempting to fight those that leave them alone.

As soon as Dusan realized his friend was in extreme peril, he began screaming to alert his friend of the danger. Fortunately the bear ended up running off and disappeared off the trail, but we also see that the bikers stopped, which is likely good since the bear could have ran to meet them at the bottom of the hill.

Thankfully they even were able to catch the startling situation on their bike camera and show the world the terrifying experience. Be careful out there when you hit the wilderness and be prepared to battle the unknown! You’d better hope your father sent you to boy scouts if you’re riding bikes around Slovakia…

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