When you move to the suburbs to retire, you often don’t think about the wildlife you’ll be exposed to out there in rural areas. Even if you’re a sweet old lady who wants to innocently bake sweet treats, you can find yourself in an unexpected situation being threatened by your furry neighbors.

An old lady from Avon, Connecticut was baking brownies when a giant bear scared her, as it would anybody, and immediately called her neighbor Bob Belfiore to help her. The sweet man rushed to her house and couldn’t believe what was happening… the bear was incredibly persistent to find a way inside the house and do whatever it took to get himself a brownie.

“He actually left the kitchen area and went to the second set of doors off the deck,” Belfiore said. “And tried those and then went to the third set of doors into the living room and attempted to get into those.”

He quickly realized that dealing with such a large animal should be taken extremely seriously, so he called the police. “We have a bear attempting to get into a house and he’s not afraid of noise, screaming or yelling or pounding,” Belfiore said when he called 911. You can see that the bear was tagged and monitored by the state, although this little guy had no record of “bad behavior”.

While this will likely make many people laugh, it was actually terribly startling to the woman. “… This bear was angry about not being able to get at the food,” Belfiore said. “It was a rather harrowing experience although it looks cute in the photos,” Belfiore said.

1. Hello, May I Haz Brownie Please?

While you think “Oh that’s ME when I smell brownies…”, you must admit you’re probably less scary when you have a hankering to satisfy your sweet tooth.

2. Hello Miss I’ve Come To Inquire About This Delightful Smell

If they love honey, they’ll definitely love brownies.

3. Hello, Anyone Home?

The bear took his time trying to find ways into the home but did run off before police were able to arrive.

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