Nature is undeniably one of the most beautiful yet mysterious parts of life, and now in the age of information, we get to see all the strangest encounters in nature as they’re filmed and uploaded via cell phones! When a group of hikers at Paynes Prairie Reserve State Park in Florida encountered a large stallion and a six-foot-long alligator, they were right to stay pretty far away from the two.

Of course, human curiosity cannot be tamed, so the entire group whipped out their cell phones to document their incredible encounter. What were these two very different animals sharing such close quarters? The tension and suspense of the two slowly getting closer and closer to each other fascinate and thoroughly entertains the group of hikers as they watched on with anticipation and nerves.

The horse suddenly decides to mess with this alligator who’s loitering a little too close for comfort, and the group immediately freaks out over the altercation as the gator attempts to defend himself from the giant stallion. The group immediately begins to wonder- is the horse okay? Is the gator? It almost looks like the horse crushed him under his leap, but tour group member Krystal Berry confirms in a video on Facebook that all involved were okay!

Click ahead to see the crazy video!

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