Anytime you have to take all your kids to the grocery store, it had better be an emergency! It’s difficult having to navigate a grocery list and make sure none of your little ones run off out of sight. While the art of taking your kids on errands is a skill to be perfected, these tips and tricks might help you out!

Check out the gallery below to prepare yourself for the worst next time you hit up the grocery store with the whole family.

1. To Avoid Fighting, Have A Plan

When you have more than two children, the fighting will begin before you even make it through the doors. From fighting over the front seat to deciding in a brand of cereal, kids will find reasons to butt heads at the worst times. To navigate the grocery store efficiently, make a plan of attack for all the stops around the store you need to make.

2. Dodge Damaging The Goods

Kids don’t exactly have great balance, and that includes have cans they thoughtfully pull off the shelves! Instead of giving them time to pick out snacks for themselves, make that your first mission when you walk through the door. Besides, who really cares if you pop a box of crackers open before you pay for it? As long as you pay for it!

3. To Avoid Tantrums, Find The “Fun” Cart

Not only will they love the sense of responsibility that they’re helping you out, but they’ll have so much fun running that thing around. Happy babies means happy shopping!

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