Where one person sees a dirty car, the other one sees a blank canvas. If you don’t have time to take care of your car and clean it appropriately, leave it to these sneaky artists to improve it’s look for you.

The artist from Moscow, Nikita Golubev, says of himself “Most of all I like experimenting with different medias. Book illustrations, wallprints, streetart objects, character design and more. Now I am inventing #dirtpainting drawing with paintbrushes and my fingers on dirty trucks. Never know what’s coming up next, so stay tuned.”

You can find all of the artist’s work on his Facebook page.

Take a look at some of his best work in the gallery, below!

1. This Giant Alligator Must Have Taken Hours To Accomplish

Do you think you could do anything this intricate?

2. This Is So Creepy Yet Brilliant… Would You Wash It Off If This Happened To You?

Those eyes are a work of art!

3. Aloha! Such Pretty Flowers

Not bad.

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