Marriage proposals aren’t always easy. You have to make a major decision that affects the rest of your life and on top of it all you have to create the perfect proposal. With youtube and the internet showcasing all kinds of ways to elaborately profess your love and pop the question, it’s getting slightly hard to find ways to be original and make proposals uniquely your own story.

When it came time for 25-year-old Timothy, he really wanted to invest in his proposal to his girlfriend Candice. Instead of a large and overwhelming proposal, he decided to work discretely and quietly so to truly surprise the love of his life.

In what was seemingly a sweet gesture, Timothy began writing love letters to Candice, even though they didn’t live very far away from each other. He sent letter after letter until they totaled 14. Each letter followed the same format, a very large first letter followed by smaller script filling about a page long.


Click ahead to find out the secret message the letters held!

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