America is home to millions of passionate barbecue fans, people who love the marriage of smoke, fire, and meat. But when you’re from the south, BBQ just runs through your veins! Whether it’s Texas-style brisket, Memphis-style pork, spicy, vinegary or sweet BBQ or even barbecue vegetables, the south is all about it.

Therefore it’s our duty to tell you about the newest BBQ craze, Tennessee Whiskey seasoned steak! A Jack Daniels marinade? Thank you Jesus. Jack Daniel’s Steak Sauce is a smooth, mellow flavored sauce with spices and flavorings blended in a way that complements your meat rather than covering it up.

Trying to entertain guests with this delicious recipe? It’s not too complicated! Pick up a bottle of wine, marinate the steak the night before, cook alongside with some baked potatoes and carrots and you’re good to go! Check out the next page to see the full cooking instructions.


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