When it comes to trying to sell your car, there’s a handful of ways to go about it. You could simply trade it in, sell it on craigslist or put up an advertisement in a newspaper. Hell, you could simply write on the windshield that it’s for sale with the price and a phone number! Most people wouldn’t go this far to get their car sold, but we’re sure glad this guy did because it’s incredibly hilarious…

When it came to selling his old SUV, Eugene Romanovsky got really creative. By day, he makes his money as a visual effects artist, which is likely what enabled him to sell this car for a better one because that skill is well-paid! When he decided to apply his day-job skills to attempt and market his old car, he created something so next level that you’ve never seen an advertisement for a 1996 Suzuki Vitara this good.

When car companies try to market you new cars, they often have the cars performing some magnificent trick or driving around the most embellished places for a gorgeous looking and eye-catching ad. Eugene had the right idea by following this formula to sell his old car from the 90’s, making the context of these ads completely laughable.

What’s amazing is that Eugene is truly talented at visual effects and it shows in the work he did to sell this car! It’s truly an astonishing little clip especially for a low-key car advertisement.

It’s since been viewed over 2 million times… and we imagine the offers are really stacking up!!!

Click ahead to see the stunning video!

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