As you may already know, Miranda Lambert is on her Highway Vagabond Tour and her shows have been on fire! Things heated up even more on March 12th when she brought her boyfriend and fellow singer-songwriter, Anderson East, on stage to perform a duet with her.

While we’ve heard endless news about her ex-husband Blake Shelton and his new girlfriend Gwen Stefani, we haven’t heard too much about how Miranda has moved on with her love life. It turns out, she isn’t as flamboyant about her new relationship as Blake has been. Miranda went public with her relationship back in January 2016, but they keep the details on the down low.

Their affection for each other is far from being questionable though, since the audience could feel the palpable love in the air when East came on stage to join her. The second he reached her side, she planted a kiss on his cheek and the performance that followed was so upbeat the entire audience smiled and danced along with them.

The love for each other is incredibly obvious and sweet in this clip of their duet… It turns out, Miranda and Anderson have played with each other a few times as of now and after this cover… and they show no signs of stopping!


Be sure to check out Miranda’s tour dates to see her perform live! You may just get to see her perform a different duet next time.

Click ahead to see the video!

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