With Nicole Kidman being a high-profile actress and Keith Urban being a country music superstar, the pair both share the spotlight for different reasons. While they both deal with the struggles of a high-profile relationship as all celebrities do, they seem much less calculated and at ease when they hit the red carpets together opposed to other high-profile couples.

They Only Have Eyes For Each Other

When the two made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival they were very comfortably affectionate. Urban joined his stunning wife at the festival to celebrate her whopping¬†FOUR films premiering this year and thanks to Keith Urban’s tour schedule– he was right there with her.

Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

While the superstar couple is known for being very affectionate, this time they shared a particular moment in front of the cameras before the debut of Nicole’s film, “The Killing of the Sacred Deer”.

Then While Posing For Cameras Keith Caught Her Off Guard

Whatever Keith Whispered To Her In Their Embrace Brought Her Tears Of Happiness

While at first it was a casual kiss on the cheek for the cameras, Keith then whispered something to her that was apparently so touching it made her tear up with the biggest smile on her face.

The Moment Caught On Camera Will Give You ALL The Feels…


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