While art therapy might not be covered by most health insurers, it sure seems like a valid form of therapy when it comes to Cheryl Pete’s technique! One veteran who’s felt a major source of relief from his time with Cheryl is Tim Smith, a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran. Tim was in good hands when he began attending classes with Cheryl, who herself has a love for veterans after her own father was a prisoner of war in World War II.

It wasn’t just one class that got Tim to make psychological process, he ended up taking Cheryl’s eight-week course several times over the course of two years. What was Cheryl’s magical method to heal PTSD through artwork?


It turns out during one class, she passed each veteran a plaster mask and asked them to decorate it to depict the face they show the world. Once done with that, they were asked to paint the inside to reflect the part of themselves they don’t show to the world.

Curious what he chose to paint? Click ahead to find out!

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